Tuesday, December 14, 2010

War and the Golden Globes

Viewing "The Tillman Story" and "Restrepo" in the same week may have been overdoing it.  Both documentaries were heartbreaking and illuminated the utter chaos and confusion that seems to define the situation as it was there.  Many young men being sent in to fight these battles that they don't understand trying to help people who don't understand and inadvertently making a mess out of a mess that was already there to begin with.

To add to my confusion as I try to make sense of the senselessness, the Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning, and "Burlesque" was among the nominees.  Somebody help me...  when was this tracking?  The only other shock was a pleasant one:  "Alice in Wonderland" was nominated for Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy.

"Black Swan" is arriving in my area on December 17th.  Still no word on "127 Hours" and "The King's Speech."  I still have so many films to see.  It's getting serious now.