Monday, August 30, 2010

The Challenge- Take Two

A friend said to me the other day: "Are you going to do The Challenge again this year?" It was cool because he said 'The Challenge' as though it was a proper noun; an actual, recognized proper noun and therefore proper challenge.

I hadn't thought about it up until that point, but decided that, heck yeah I'm going to do it again this year. So at his suggestion, I'm getting started early.

As a reminder: The Challenge is for me to see as many of the Oscar-nominated films as possible prior to the Awards Broadcast.

How can I start now, you ask? I have no crystal ball, how am I going to start now? Well, until I get more versed in what makes a film or performance 'Oscar-worthy' I am relying on websites like that feature "contender trackers." The folks there keep their fingers on the pulse of film festival season to see which horses move out into the front of the race.

On my immediate must-see list: "Inception" and "The Kids Are All Right."

And..... ACTION!